momo bygg teknik

Who we are?

We are a group of enthusiasts passionate about tiny homes, prefabrication, sustainability and the idea of living tiny! Via MOMO containers we are offering our carefully designed products that suit our principles and will serve you many years. Live small, live simple, find your way, don’t follow others.

MOMO containers was originally founded by Michael and Martin, both experienced in architecture, civil engineering and construction. We are combining Scandinavian design trends with high quality products and labour skills. Our production facilities are based in Poland and we are cooperating with the best in the business to create amazing products! We are expanding, right now covering the whole Scandinavia. Our demo objects so far are available to see in Stockholm, Poznan and Kazimierz Dolny.

What we do?

the tiny home of your dreams

In our portfolio you will find a variety of the products. We can split it between living units and swimming pools.
Within the first category you will be able to find two kinds of products. First line is based on the shipping containers, second on the prefabricated steel frame. Products based on the shipping containers are much more durable, but limited by the container shape. On the other hand, products based on the steel frame have more squared dimensions, being easier to arrange.

Second line of products – swimming pools, are produced out of shipping containers. Carefully designed, equipped in high quality appliances and finishing. This unique product will change your yard, let you place the pool within a few weeks and fully enjoy nice warm days in your garden!

smart and simple