Want to have MOMO on your property?
It couldn’t be any easier!

*Contact us and find out about the terms.

Full transport



Free transportation almost within the whole continental Europe!
With an additional fee, we can provide shipment of our units to more challenging locations overseas. Please reach us for more details!
Our pools are transported on trailers or delivery vans with a lifting capacity of over 3,5t. We can arrange the transport for you, or you can pick it up yourself.

The pool with all the necessary equipment is loaded, secured, and then transported to the customer.

Installing your MOMO

Setting up our containers is quick and easy – choose a spot in your garden, make sure it’s ready and wait until a crane puts it in the right place.

Prepare a spot

All the work is
done by a crane
MOMO installation is done
with a crane.
After MOMO is delivered, it’s necessary to arrange the help of a local crane hire company. MOMO is lifted and placed on concrete blocks or a different base type in the desired spot.