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Guaranteed buyback up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

Swedish top producer of modular homes and swimming pools

Quick, affordable and unique solutions for everyone! Complement your plot with our modular products. Grow your business with us. Add our swimming pools to your restaurant, fitness center or hotel. Build your boutique hotel in 3 months with our container homes.




PRICE FROM: 249 000 kr

Extra space in your garden.

Our small garden houses have plenty of functions. Can serve you as an office, yoga studio, music room or a small bar. Stylish and affordable!

Are you a developer who wants to increase the value of the property? Your workers need an extra working space or a place to relax? Would be great to complement it with our swimming pool.


PRICE FROM: 349 000 kr

Tiny houses, pool houses, gyms, offices.

Unique and luxury products based on shipping containers. Perfect solutions for house owners.

Go with the latest trends and build a sustainable hotel with us just in a few months! Gain new customers to your business by complementing your offer with a freestanding sauna or a gym. All of the products are easy to relocate, quick in production and will last many years.


PRICE FROM: 285 000 kr

Ready to use the same day when being delivered to you.

Customizable, easy to transport and ready in less than 10 weeks! They will fit into every plot. Perfect for swimming, relaxing and as your own spa. Available in two different sizes.

Do you own a summer bar or a hotel? It will help you to bring hundreds of new customers and will pay off in less than a season! With the jet swim option it can serve as a training pool by your gym.

smart and simple







MOMO’s story is about making dreams come true.

It’s all about freedom, living in places that we love. The idea behind our container homes is to provide movable and stylish homes at an affordable price. All you need to transport it from place to place is a truck and a few concrete blocks to base it on. By home we mean a comfortable, warm, cosy and smart place to live your life, relax and work.

Designed by the best architects, following the latest architectural and home interior trends. We assure you that our MOMOcontainers aren’t only stylish, modern, and quickly available, they are also really affordable! One of our principles is to make it a better alternative to a traditional small home, and it’s literally a home Our containers are designed with the latest BBR regulations.

Our shipping container homes will serve you all year long. They are well isolated and equipped with triple glazed windows as well as highly efficient heating and cooling systems. That’s not all! We are not using any toxic materials; we believe in sustainability and constantly improving our products to make them as ECO and as energy efficient as possible

Production time is relatively short. Give us around 3 months, and you will be able to enjoy your fully equipped, transportable home! Our homes are made in the EU, most of the equipment as well!

MOMO is all about being happy and enjoying your life!

If you wish to change anything, we are always happy to customize our product.

Any doubts? Please have a look at our available homes or visit our demo home


Our shipping container homes are built using well-checked materials assembled indoors. The whole process is automated and very precise. Because of these advantages, our container homes are erected months faster than traditional homes.
Because of their small dimensions and lack of foundations, our container homes can go where most houses cannot. Shipping container homes don’t use traditional foundations, and because of that, they can accommodate many different types of terrain and soil conditions.
These pros make them a wise investment and a fantastic alternative to traditional homes.

ABOUT US modern minds

MOMO has been established to provide homes for everyone. Sustainable, movable, stylish and affordable.

We believe that downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading, but being smarter and free!

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